Dance Force Productions, founded January of 1999 by Owner/Director Robin Carlson, is an award-winning professional dance company which provides dance entertainment for corporations, charity galas, and private parties. They have been featured on Discovery Health Channel, the Food Network, and performed for NBA All Star GameVIP Party, the All-Star BaseballVIP Party, as well as the Broadway cast of Chicago. They have performed with LosLonely Boys, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jeannie Tracey, Gloria Gaynor, Archie Bell, and the Village People, and won the Dance Houston Award in 2005 and the Dance Houston Best Dance Theater Award in 2006.

The company specializes in dance productions that include jazz, disco, salsa, country/western, jitterbug, hip-hop, breaking, tumbling, and theatrical dance. "Our goal is to intermingle musical theater and cutting-edge dance in our hopes to delight and excite our audiences!"